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Posted by rajmanseoservice on March 14th, 2012

How to create an article marketing campaign: 3-Step brainstorming and organization

During the first two steps of adjustment for you to be able to measure and monitor progress. In step 1, which has created a foundation for your website and create a table where they make monthly basis to monitor certain statistics. In Step 2, you find that your competitors are in the top and have specified the source of information for them. In step 3, let us now is where marketing campaigns are organized article.

You should realize that the # 1 reason why people leave or not to see the success, or just say “no time to do” is they do not plan their marketing activities very well. If you own a business, whether web-based business or traditional business, which has its own website, you must take your marketing seriously. Any type of business you have, if you are able to position your site on top of Google, get more targeted traffic to your website, and the movement means more business for you!

Many people use article marketing as an important marketing tool and to see the results you want, you should take an organized approach. If not, you’ve probably given up a month or two back to square one. Article marketing campaign could help you in this regard to achieve success.

1) Setting a goal, how many points we sent each month, something between 1 and 8. You will come to know that some dealers in first to submit an article a month and see the wonderful results, but you will see faster results if you lean toward the higher end, especially if you’re starting. It may take a little getting used to writing articles on a regular basis and begin the slow, can be predicted about 3 months article will be submitted two months 4 and then gradually increase until it will be 7 or 8 months.

2) Next you have to get good content for your articles. This is very important and also very good way to get traffic. People come to the site for content, and if it is in your content then people will obviously keep visiting and the page rank will gradually increase. So the basic idea is to get unique content. This requires a bit of hard work but it really pays rich dividends. Once you get to the #1 page rank of Google then the entire world is at your site and the revenue generated will be really awesome.

There are many competitors in the market. You have to also take care of them. This doesn’t mean that you only have to concentrate on them. You have to keep an eye on how they are performing to change their fortunes and closely follow them. This will reveal their secrets and also pave the way for your success. This means that you actually have to be looking at the successful people and mould the design and the pattern of the site in that way and then you can expect dividends.